5 Questions to ask yourself about “MAKEOVER”

5 Questions to ask yourself about “MAKEOVER”

 “MAKEOVER” – A term which everyone LOVES

  • What is your idea of MAKEOVER?
  • Why is it so appealing to everyone and to you as well?
  • What makes you thrilled about MAKEOVER aspect?
  • What is the process involved in a MAKEOVER according to you?
  • Do you suggest MAKEOVER to yourself or any one of your friends / colleagues?

STAY TUNED …..For our oncoming posts…. to know more about MAKEOVER…….

Meanwhile, If YOU feel that YOU NEED a MAKEOVER in some aspect of your life, mail us or call us immediately. We will discuss more about you and suggest the right and appropriate MAKEOVER as per your needs and challenges

Email : sudeeptha.imlh@gmail.com  / Sudeeptha@imagemakeoverlighthouse.com

Mobile : 9908400047

Makeover-concept (Custom)

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