Corporate Brand Image Barometer 1 – Customer Feedback – Cues

Corporate Brand Image Barometer 1 – Customer Feedback – Cues

Corporate Brand Image is best analyzed and assessed through “ Eyes of Customers and their Feedback

It acts as a TOOL /RESOURCE to identify the following:

  1. Loopholes in your employees and their behavioral characteristics with clients
  2. Areas of improvement
  3. Unbiased feedback and constructive improvement strategies.
  4. Channels to identify whether the employees are projecting company mission, vision and goals.
  5. Whether they are enhancing corporate brand image or maligning its image and take required timely action.

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Corporate Brand Image barometer - Customer feedback (Custom)

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  1. Yes ! Customers feedback really reveals more things about our executives. Infact, they are the best assessors at times and they give employers clarity about the attitude, behavior of our executives towards them, at the same time , also share with us, what kind of experience our executives are giving our clients. And that will help us to rectify and improve our customer service standards.

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