Business Communications & Etiquette & Soft Skills

61 BusinessEtiq


Master the art of Business communications Skills
And captivate the attention & retention of clients and peers and experience personal and professional productivity.
ETIQUETTE takes you to a step higher in giving you finesse, grace, poise and elegance
in your behavior and mannerisms , which leads to lasting impressions about you & positive attention on you.


Package Features and Clients Benefits and IMPACT areas after consultation:

  • You will realize the importance of Business Communications and its impact in today’s digital professional world
  • You will know various types and formats, guidelines, traits and characteristics required for Business communications.
  • You will know various Image makers or breakers of Business Etiquette and Business Communications.
  • You will learn International and Global Business Communications and Business Etiquette standards and practices.
  • You will learn to project BEST first and lasting impressions during business dining, luncheon and corporate meetings.
  • You will realize the impact of Business Etiquette on personal and professional productivity, client interpersonal relationships and social interactions.
  • You will learn phrases and elements of Business Emails, Telephone Etiquette, Written letters, Introduction and conclusion, International Etiquette,
  • You will learn effective business meetings and greetings, effective self-introductions at business scenarios, using business tools effectively for successful networks and future relationships with clients.        

62 SoftSkills


Master the art of Verbal & Vocal communications skills and professional soft skills for conveying messages with fluency, finesse and professionalism.
Communication Skills and Soft skills are like art that can be mastered with conscious effort and constant implementation of learning tactics and strategies.


Package Features and Clients Benefits and IMPACT areas after consultation:

  • Enable you to project a POSITIVE – BEST IMAGE through your communication skills and Soft skills.
  • Provides real time practical strategies that can be implemented to master these skills.
  • Innovative and Inspirational methods to master these skills in an easy way and enjoy the process of mastering skills.
  • Tip and guidelines to use these skills to create positive impressions on clients, managers and peers and business.
  • Strategies to handle critical situations and tactically use various methods to trigger POSITIVE actions from others.
  • Strategies to leverage these skills to propel forward and to higher realms of success.

Package Modules:

  • Module 1: Verbal & Vocal Communication Skills:
  • Module 2 : Non-Verbal Communication Skills:
  • Module 3: Public Speaking and Presentation skills:
  • Module 4: Professional Soft Skills
  • Module 5: Challenging Yourself – Your low Self-esteem & low Self-Confidence.


63 SocialEtiq


Practicing etiquette in personal, social and professional areas,
keeps us away from embarrassments, and conveying wrong messages.
Body Language communication is the most important form of communication
but often neglected by individuals and become prone to serious repercussions.


Package Features and Clients Benefits and IMPACT areas after consultation:

  • Creates awareness of another medium of communicating messages through Body language – gestures, facial expressions, body postures, and sign languages.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of body language that can hamper and hinder positive image of an individual.
  • Positive and Negative impact areas of body language communications and how to deal with them.
  • Positive and Negative impact areas of general etiquette communications and how to deal with them.
  • Image makers or breakers of general etiquette and body language communications.

Social Savvy Etiquette Features:

  • Complete basket of General Etiquette – for public places, parties, workplaces, restaurants, dining places, malls, Schools and colleges, Cyber and social media etiquette, disability references etiquette, gender etiquette etc.
  • Social Etiquette. Bathroom Etiquette, Corporate & Business Etiquette, Meeting Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette.
  • Parties & Dining Etiquette, Interview Etiquette, General Etiquette, Clothing & Dress code Etiquette.

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