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A very SPECIAL Package  –  For Leaders & Entrepreneurs – Brand Image Consulting services

A LEADER or an ENTREPRENEUR is supposed to exhibit excellent qualities and traits, dressing , appearance and mannerisms and body language that sets them apart from others uniquely.

  • They create an aura around them in everything they do, in everything they say and in everything they project themselves through appearance, style, communication and etiquette.
  • That keeps them an edge over others.
  • That enables them to make a mark of their image in the eyes of clients, public, investors and sponsors alike.
  • They instigate confidence in others so as to build long lasting relationships with them.
  • Opens doors of opportunities of business growth and expansion just based on first best impressions and lasting impressions of their unique executive image reflections.

Are you that leader or entrepreneur who appears DISTINCTIVE  and DIGNIFIED in all aspects?


Are you getting mixed as one among the crowd where people cannot identify your specialities?


Do you have a BRAND IMAGE of your identity and is it impacting you in your business and corporate leadership?

Image Makeover LightHouse , provides this special service for corporate leadership executives and entrepreneurs.

  • While you take care of the responsibilities of your corporate goals and roles and business growth. we will take care of building your Personal BRAND IMAGE to be in sync with your personality, goals and aspirations.
  • We  enable you to build and enhance and manage your Brand Image reflections through International Global standards of Image Management  through your Appearance, Communication, Behavioral Mannerisms  and Etiquette with intensive personal analysis , strategic planning and tracking standards.

GET READY to EXPERIENCE the WONDERS of your Executive Image Reflections impact
on your leadership career and entrepreneurship business growth.

Prospective Clients who can opt for this service Package:

  1. Board of Directors, CEO, or any other current higher management cadre executives.
  2. Entreprenuers of corporates,  organizations or any business.
  3. Aspiring Leaders in Corporate Ladder who wants to accelerate their Brand Image and Career growth.
  4. Aspiring Leaders who know thier potential worth but are not getting due recognition and acknowledgement.
  5. Aspiring Entreprenuers who want to start  their own business firms with an impactful Image.
  6. Current start-Up Entreprenuers who want to leverage their Brand Image to accelerate business success.
  7. Any executive or entreprenuer who wants to CREATE or ESTABLISH or ENHANCE their PERSONAL BRAND IMAGE to impact their business or corporate roles and goals to accelerate towards success leveraging their brand image.

Value Additions to Clients:

  • Individualized personal attention for a scheduled time duration.
  • Time scheduled based on clients availability and requirements.
  • A detailed and strategic Personalized image consulting and management services.
  • Services considers Clients current and future goals, challenges and needs.
  • Interactive program in analysing, planning and implementing the strategies of accelerating their Brand image with a holistic approach.
  • Complete awareness of various image standards and services , all customized based on the their personal interest and preferences, their professional needs and future goals in perspective.
  • Begin to differentiate yourselves from your peers at managerial levels in all aspects and gain attention.
  • Begin to dress with POWER IMAGE for various media conferences, public appearances and Business inititaive meetings and other International visits.

Medium: Through Skype/Chat/Video call/face-face consulting.

Duration: Scheduled at various time intervals and days based on the clients’ needs and availability.

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