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“Your Employees “ are …..
“Your Company’s LIVE Marketing PROMOTIONS”
 “RAW DIAMONDS in the rough”
Going around the Global world, projecting your company’s BRAND IMAGE everyday….

Are you sure… They are PROMOTING your Corporate Brand image?

  • Their Image should align with Company’s Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.
  • Professional Image in Appearance, Behavior & Communication & Etiquette.
  • Their behavior and mannerisms should enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Their Image should attract profits, investors and success for the company.
  • Make them reflectors of your company’s BRAND IMAGE.
  • They need to be POLISHED and SHARPENED to make them SHINE in their TRUE POTENTIAL.

Image Makeover LightHouse – Corporate Programs Benefits and Value Additions to Corporates:

  • Impeccable Image Management Training and Consulting services.
  • Enhances Corporate Employees Brand Image.
  • Enhanced Image in Appearance, Behavior and Communication and Etiquette.
  • Positive impact on employee’s confidence levels, work productivity.
    • Corporates will see the below benefits:
    • Premium Pricing. Larger Market Share, Favorable Media Coverage.
    • Higher Returns For Investors, Attracting Best Talent & Retention.
    • Lower Attrition Costs, Preferred Buyer-Vendor Equation.

Corporate Employees – Image Branding programs:

Module 1:  Corporate Leaders & Entrepreneurs – Image Management:

(Note: Click on the above link to view in-depth details of the Module)

One on One IMAGE MANAGEMENT consulting solutions for Corporate Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

(Personally consulted by Ms. Sudeeptha, Certified Image Consultant and Founder).

Package 1: Higher Executives (CEO, MD, Board of Directors and Members) & influential Executives.

Package 2: Employees IMAGE AUDIT – Training Need Analysis & IMAGE enhancement Program.

Package 3: Corporate Media Professionals Image Branding.

(Public Relations Executive PRs, Corporate Spokes persons, Reputation management personnel).

Package 4: Customized consulting– Need based tailor made programs based on HR team inputs.

Value additions through this program:

  • Personalized Visual Appearance enhancement of employees.
  • Power Dressing Executive Image Impact for various corporate events.
    • Special public appearances or Media Coverage Meetings or Photo Shoots.
    • International protocols aligned Executive Image for Global projects.
    • Power Dressing Image for Corporate meetings and other events.

Module 2:  Corporate Image Retainer Program:

A company can retain us and periodically utilize our services. It can be through sporadic workshops and ongoing follow up coaching and consultation.

As a retainer, we also impart random quality checks:

  • To maintain consistency in standards of the employees for their visual appearance.
  • To provide constant image enhancement consultation services.
  • Solutions are provided on brand image including stationary, dress code policy etc.

Module 3:  CORPORATE GIFTS – IMAGE Programs as GIFTS to Employees on special Events/Days:

Corporates can hire us to provide IMAGE MANAGEMENT related sessions or activities as GIFTS to Employees.

Value additions to Corporates through this program:

  • GIFTS that will not just last for a day or year, but lasts for entire lifetime for your employees.
  • The employee learnings and transformed professional image through GIFT IMAGE SESSIONS will in turn impact the company’s productivity and profits and revenue through the implementation of their learnings and transformed professional image outlook.
  • IMAGE SESSIONS GIFTS to employees will turn out to be profitable ROI – Return on Investment in double and Triple Folds to the corporate management in the long run through the implementation of their transformed professional  image .


  • On special occasions, or events or festivals or Women’s Day Or Men’s Day, Conference Seminar Event Days etc.
  • On Employees Recreation Outing Days – 1 to 2 hours fun and interesting and interactive Image sessions.
  • Induction Day programs for New Joiners / Trainees or Fresh Graduates Employees.
  • Leadership Conference Seminars Days – For all Leaders Image Branding.

Module 4:  Corporate Executives – Departmental based Image – Programs:

IMLH believes that each professional departmental role demands a specific image portrayal to be effective in business and interpersonal relationships with peers and clients. So we have customized and tailor made image standards and practices specific to few cadre departments. We cater to the challenges of the specific roles and provide training and consulting specifically to meet those challenges through best image management standards.

  • Leadership Image – Power Leader Image to Impress, Influence & Inspire.
  • Entry level Employees – Raw Diamonds to Polished Professionals.
  • Customer Service Employees – Image of Confidence, Creativity & Commitment.
  • Sales representatives Employees – Image of Truthfulness, Reliability & Integrity.
  • Human Resource Employees– Influential Image of Innovation & Intuition.
  • Corporate EVENTS – Customized Image Programs.

Module 5:  Customizable Image topicsTailor made programs based on the corporate needs and requirements

Module 6:  Group Workshops:

  • Image Audit TNA (Training Needs Assessment) & Recommendations.
  • Power of Personal appearance & Impact of Image.
  • Professional wardrobe & Usage of colors for greater impact.
  • Personal Branding guidelines and Impact analysis.
  • Visual Image Enhancement & Profitable Impact.
  • Image Management Solutions for Professional Image Self-presentation.
  • Personal Appearance – Message Communications.
  • Professional Image – For Corporate Business meetings.
  • Business Communications – That accelerates Profit, Success & Growth.
  • Business Soft Skills– That reflects Excellence, Elegance & Eloquence.
  • Business Etiquette – That reflects Politeness, Perfection & Professionalism.
  • Personal grooming & professional outlook.

….. More topics details would be provided on further contact.

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