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Is YOUR School/College … FACILITATING Students …….with the following?
  • A SELF – TREASURE HUNT environment ….
  • Enhanced Appearance through Self Presentation skills.
  • Effective Communication & Soft skills enhancement.
  • Appropriate Body Language & Behavioral Etiquette.
Are your Students/Trainers/Faculty projecting Professional Image Standards?
– Sudeeptha.V

While you take care of their “ACADEMIC Training” responsibilities as Educational & Training Institutes,

Image Makeover LightHouseWill take care of “IMAGE BRANDING & IMAGE Management Training” of your students, teachers, lecturers, trainers and administrative staff.


Educational Institutes – Programs Benefits and Value Additions from IMLH:

  • Provides interesting, innovative and impact filled seminars and workshops.
  • Separate programs for students, teachers, trainers, or staff.
  • Enables them to project BEST image reflections to gain visibility and influence.


Educational Institutions Image programs:

Module 1: For Teachers/Trainers/Staff – Image Branding:

  • Professional Dressing standards for greater impact.
  • Image Management Practices to impact students and their parents.
  • Image Makers or Breakers of Trainers image.
  • Impactful teaching and mentoring Image.
  • Student’s Role model – Trainers Image.
  • Inspirational communications with Students.

Module 2: For all Students and Job Ready Final year Graduates – Image Branding:

  • Power of Personal Appearance and Impact of Image.
  • Learning the art of projecting their BRAND IMAGE for career and work life.
  • Corporate World and Business Career – Life skills – Guidelines and Awareness.
  • Campus Interviews Program Readiness Image.
  • International Professional Career Ready Image.
  • Personal Branding for Dream Career Goals.
  • Professional Dressing Image – For Career and job life.
  • Self- Image Enhancement & management.
  • Communication & Soft skills and Self-Presentation.
  • Etiquettes program – General, Social and Cyber and Gender Etiquette.
  • Image Makers/Breakers – Professional & Unprofessional image on career & Jobs.

….. More topics details would be provided on further contact.

Module 3:  Customizable IMAGE Topics:

  • Please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your current challenges and expectations on students and Trainers/ Staff image, and we will package relevant topics customized and tailor made for your individual institute needs and requirements.

Module 4: EVENTS Based Customizable IMAGE BRANDING programs:

  • Invite ME to SPEAK on any chosen Image Branding Training for any special events of your institutes.
  • We organize customized programs on IMAGE TOPICS (using students).

For Events:

  • Seminars / Talk shows / Campus placements yearly programs & Preparation Events Phase.
  • Fresher’s Induction Day / Graduation ceremonies / Final years students Farewell days.
  • School or College Festive Programs/Anniversary Programs/Teachers Day programs.

Note:   Based on the institute Events – Occasion or purpose, we can come up with customized programs as per your interest to offer various IMAGE MANAGEMENT concepts.

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