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Welcome!  My Personal Invitation to “YOU – My prospective Client”:

I, V. Sudeeptha, as the Founder and Director of Image Makeover LightHouse (IMLH) and a Certified Image Consultant trained under International Curriculum prescribed by one of the world’s first Image Master of USA, thank YOU personally for visiting my website.

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I believe that every individual is filled with so much of uniqueness in their skills, beliefs, values, preferences and style. I play a major role in individual lives in unveiling the hidden potential, unraveling the mysteries that hinder and hamper them and their image and unleashing their POTENTIAL BRAND IMAGE that is an authentic image. I help people to reflect their INNER SELF-IMAGE uniqueness on to their OUTER IMAGE in terms of their appearance and wardrobe and behavior and bring alignment with their inner and outer persona and also project an image that meets and compliments their personal and professional roles and goals.

I bring out their BEST POTENTIAL by sharpening and polishing their unique attributes, and bring finesse and quality and their true shine. I empower them such that they come to a level where they believe in their unique potential and they themselves know how to manage their image and potential to meet any challenges and occasions in social, personal and professional lives by equipping them with all necessary tools and guidelines and strategies and enable them to drive towards fulfilling their dreams and goals and aspirations with undoubting confidence, elegance, style, comfort and authenticity and experience the joy of being under the deserved spotlight.

I personally invite YOU to have a thorough look at each and every page of my website.

  • Every word on this site has been personally and carefully written by ME keeping “YOU in mind – I’e My prospective Clients” to help YOU understand all about the importance, benefits and values additions of projecting YOUR UNIQUE and BEST BRAND IMAGE on your very own life, business, profession and YOUR corporate employees.
  • All my services, packages, solutions, programs and guidelines are designed and customized so as to cater to YOU and to Corporate entities and Business industries. To bring out a positive dynamic transformed image makeover and help to project PERSONAL and CORPORATE BRAND IMAGE to meet all your challenges so as to gain profits, success, revenues, spotlight and attention and fulfillment through projecting and managing BRAND IMAGE.

Please review my SERVICES, PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL and BLOG Menus for more details.

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I look forward with honor to be a part of YOUR IMAGE MANAGEMENT and PERSONAL BRANDING journey to see YOUR personal and professional lives accelerate towards success and lead YOU to the spotlight where YOU really deserve.

V. Sudeeptha

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