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In today’s digital generation and competitive world
Is the dire need of all groups of people.
– Sudeeptha.V

As we grow along with time and life,

  • Each group transits from one phase to another.
  • Face challenges & demands in personal, professional, social lives.

IMAGE MAKEOVER is inevitable

  • To be suited as per their current roles, dreams, goals, beliefs, challenges & demands.

“Image Makeover LightHouse “… Offers……

 “Image Makeover Sessions” for various audience groups.

  • Module 1:                Home Maker/House-Wife Makeover.
  • Module 2:                Father’s Makeover
  • Module 3:                Parents Makeover.
  • Module 4:                Teachers Makeover.
  • Module 5:                Teen Girls Image Makeover.
  • Module 6:                Teen Boys Image Makeover.
  • Module 7:                College Graduates Image Makeover.
  • Module 8:                Working Professionals Image Makeover.
  • Module 9:                Creative fields Professionals Image Makeover.
  • Module 10:              Customizable Image Makeover topics –

Note: Sessions for any other group based on the needs and group requirements.

The IMAGE MAKEOVER sessions AIMS ….To …

REVEAL         – To reveal the areas that require makeover & address the reasons in defense.

STRATEGIZE – To strategize makeover process & demonstrate resources of image makeover.

IMPACT         – To implement makeover strategies and understand the impact of makeover.

Note:  All the above 3 aspects varies for different categories of audience group and is addressed based on the needs of the relevant groups demands and challenges in this current generation.

Contact us or send an email to schedule these group sessions:

  • Coordinate with us, if you want to arrange for any makeover for any group or audience.
  • Provide the location details to conduct the session.
  • People belonging to a similar category group can join together and invite us to organize this workshop as well.

Note: We shall arrange & schedule the workshop after the required formalities are done by the clients’ representatives

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