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Company – Image Makeover LightHouse.

It’s a unique 360 Degrees Image management Consulting and Personal Branding Services company.

Image Makeover LightHouse (IMLH) is an authentic source of Image management principles and Personal Branding strategies and guiding solutions for real life practical concerns and elements catering to the IMAGE of every individual.

IMLH guides and mentors individuals and corporates and business groups, by training and mentoring them with relevant knowledge and guidelines that enable them to enhance their BRAND IMAGE and UNVEILS their TRUE POTENTIAL and brings them under the SPOTLIGHT of attention and recognition they truly DESERVE. Enable them to manage their image consistently to accelerate themselves to heights of success, growth and fulfillment and propel them towards the direction of their dreams. Enable them to carry themselves and their image with confidence, elegance, style, comfort and authenticity.


For a source of complete International accredited Image Management standards and Personal Branding strategies.

  • Image Management Methods & Standards – International and National
  • Image Transformations & Makeovers
  • Image Enhancement – Through Professional & Business Skills
  • Image Branding – Personal & Corporate Employees & Business Executives Branding.
  • Students Image Branding – Career & Corporate life Ready Programs
  • Personal Identity – Image renewal and restoration Programs
  • Blend our solutions seamlessly into various industry verticals and corporate companies.
  • Customized programs and sessions based on SPECIFIC requirements of clients.

To find impeccable solutions, innovative training consultations and customized services and speaking events:

  • For individuals – Men and Women, Students, Working professionals & Home Makers.
  • Corporates – Employees, Management & Board Members, Leaders & Entrepreneurs.
  • Business Segments – Retail and Hospitality Chains and Services industries.
  • Educational and Training Institutes – Students, Teachers, Lecturers and Staff.
  • Creative Fields/Sports Fields – Current Artists and future aspirants/ professionals

We excel in the following areas for various levels of needs of individuals and corporates and its employees:

  • CREATE NEW brand Images – Who want to try and build YOUR personal brand image for the very first time.
  • EQUIP SUCCESSFUL brand ImagesWho tried image standards but need expert guidance to reflect Personal style.
  • REVOLUTIONISE ESTABLISHED brand ImagesWho have established YOUR BRAND IMAGE, but desire to be exceptionally perfect in precision and reflect finesse to unveil new potential in YOUR BRAND IMAGE.

Services are offered in the following forms:

  • Corporate workshops & Retainer Programs & Innovative training methods and programs.
  • Individual consultations & Group workshops & Speaking events.
  • Virtual/Online – Skype sessions/consultations /Face- Face Consultations.

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Prospective Clients:

Image Makeover LightHouse“, IMLH, gladly announces that, YOU can hire us for any of YOUR IMAGE needs and requirements.  We will be more than glad to help YOU build YOUR BRAND IMAGE and lead you towards the direction of your dreams and goals.

Our desire is to hold people by their hand, be by their side, help them build and renew their life.
And enable them to DEVELOP and MANAGE their UNIQUE BRAND IMAGE.

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