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INVITE – Sudeeptha, Founder of Image Makeover LightHouse & Certified Image Consultant.

  • To SPEAK on any Corporate & Business or Social events.
  • To conduct WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS on any of IMAGE TOPICS.
  • For any Professional events of Organizations/Corporates/Institutes/Business.

IMAGE Management & IMAGE Branding – Topics & Workshops:

  • Personal Branding and Corporate Employee BRANDING.
  • Power of Personal Appearance & Impact of Image.
  • Personal Styling Image Consulting.
  • Career and Promotion Acceleration IMAGE BRANDING.
  • Employees Work performance Acceleration.
  • Business Communications & Business Etiquette.
  • Business Soft Skills & Self-Image Presentation.
  • Image Management Solutions for MEN & WOMEN.
  • Professional Workplace Excellence Image Branding.
  • Communication skills & Public Presentation skills.
  • Business & Professional Skills Image Management..
  • Etiquette – Business & Workplace, General  & Social Media.
  • Self-Treasure Hunt & 360 Degrees Skills Assessment.
  • Effective Customer Service & Relationship – Become JACKPOT for customers.

Choose ANY out of various programs of our Individual/Group/Corporate/Retail/Educational Institutions services.

For Events/Occasions:

Education Institutes – School/College-Fests/Campus interviews Phase/Fresher’s/Farewell Party/Annual/Sports Days.

Corporates              – Entry level induction days, Leadership conferences/ Annual Anniversary Programs etc.

Special Days            – World Image Day / Women’s Day / Men’s Day / Teachers Day / Children’s Day etc.

Pageant Shows        – Training programs on Personality Styling /Grooming/ Communication / Self Presentation etc.

Any Professional Public Conference meetings/ Talk shows etc.

Who can avail these services?

  • By Schools / junior, Degree, PG Colleges/ Universities / Corporates / NGO’s / Retail, Aviation and Hospitality Business.
  • Event Organizers/ Pageant Shows etc

Based on the institute/organization Events – Occasion or purpose, we can come up with customized and tailor made programs as per your interest to offer various IMAGE MANAGEMENT concepts.

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Get in touch with us immediately to schedule your required service consulting and for any additional queries.

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