LOGO – Symbols & Colors–Their Messages

Image Makeover LightHouse (IMLH) – LOGO:



Logo Symbols – Message:

LightHouse – Depicts – A Source of light and knowledge and instructions, help in time of need.

Light ray – Depicts – A Constant guiding light and a ray of hope through Mentoring and Counselling.

Man-Woman – Depicts – Clients – Individuals, Employees, Students, Corporates and Business.

Spotlight – Depicts – Clients brought under Spotlight through LightHouse ray of light and guidance.


Logo Colors – Message:

BLUE – IMLH depicts values of trust, honesty and dependability and effective Client relationships.

PINK – IMLH depicts sign of nurture, hope for future and sensitivity to needs of our clients.

BLACK – Black depicts the hidden, unknown potential and beauty within individuals which is not yet unveiled.

WHITE – IMLH depicts the light that unveils hidden potential brand image of clients bringing them under spotlight.


LOGO – Overall Message:

Image Makeover LightHouse (IMLH) – LOGO communicates that our company is an authentic source of Image management principles and Personal Branding strategies and guiding solutions for real life practical concerns and elements catering to the IMAGE of every individual.

IMLH constantly guides and mentors individuals and corporates by training and mentoring them with relevant information and guidelines that enable them to enhance their BRAND IMAGE and UNVEIL their true potential and brings them under the SPOTLIGHT of attention and recognition they truly DESERVE. And enable them to manage their image consistently to accelerate themselves to heights of success, growth and fulfillment and propel them towards the direction of their dreams.