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About Myself:

FounderProfileThis is V. Sudeeptha, Founder and Director of Image Makeover LightHouse, IMLH and a Certified Image Consultant trained under International curriculum on Image Management prescribed by one of the world’s First Image Master of USA, coupled with Engineering graduation and Business Management post-graduation.

My CAREER Journey:

I have the pleasure of a decade of experience in the IT corporate world with immense work experience, expertise and skills and domain knowledge in IT on Business intelligence, Business Performance Reporting, Learning and Performance Management Assessment Systems. Throughout the career got the opportunity to work with various National, International and Global clientele from Middle East, USA, Europe, UK, Asia, Australia etc.

As a result, developed outstanding expertise in Client service relationship skills and handled efficiently diverse global and local work cultures, working standards, met client behavioral expectations, followed International and National customer protocols, etiquette and standards, customer relationship standards, corporate & business performance and employee’s performance, assessment practices and standards.

My Professional acclaims in career field:

Special VOICE-OUT BOLD Initiatives at workplaces: 

During my work tenure, identified employee’s regressive issues and characteristics and suggested Improvement areas – On Employees ethical behavior standards & redefining Employees performance assessments practices and improvisations & Leadership role expectations. My voice of opinion and attempts had been successful in bringing forth positive changes and improvement results from the management end in few relevant areas,

Most Congenial Person Title – Given a sprint award with this Title for my congeniality skills.

Best Dressed Female Title – Endorsed with this Title for my “Dressing style and Appearance”.

Lottery Jackpot Title – An International client refers me as her “LOTTERY JACKPOT”.

Customer Service Award Nominations – By International clients for my customer service skills.

My Beliefs & Deepest PASSION:

My Strong Beliefs:

That every individual is a hidden dynamite treasure filled with potential and power that can transform their personal and professional lives to a greater extent. But that potential usually doesn’t get unveiled fully from within them and gets hidden, waiting to be unleashed , because they are entangled with various obstacles and circumstances and incorrect self-perceptions that hinder them from exploring their true potential and beauty. As a result, they go through tiresome effort filled journey to reach their professional and personal goals not knowing their true potential and the ways to highlight themselves. If only they knew how to unlock their hidden potential and know how to use it and project it, they would be led to the spotlight they truly deserve and fulfill their dreams and aspirations and goals.

So my deepest passion has always been ……

To guide, mentor, counsel, build and enable individuals to realize their true dynamite potential, their unique skills and traits, beauty and charisma within them and help them to unleash those assets to work wonders for their own personal and professional challenges, dreams and goals and empower them to constantly project their best persona with confidence, elegance, style and comfort.

To play a major role in unveiling their hidden potential, unraveling the mysteries that hinder and hamper them and unleashing their POTENTIAL BRAND IMAGE and enable them to experience the joy of being under the deserved spotlight.


Alongside my professional career, I pursued my deepest passion as well for more than a decade in mentoring, counselling and building individuals by involving myself in various programs and initiatives for kids, youth, teens, men and women, youth carnivals, visiting orphanages and personally organized programs as well and also direct individual counselling.  Mentored them on enhancement of their personality and skills, manage their image through appearance and communication, personal development, career and work excellence guidance and spiritual counselling.

At my workplaces, provided mentoring and counselling to colleagues and new trainees. Helped them in handling professional and personal issues better, to take appropriate decisions of their personal professional life and also to manage their image better in appearance, behavior and communication for better visibility.

Turning My PASSION into my PROFESSION: 

Started my own Image consulting firm called “Image Makeover LightHouse.“

Having worked in IT corporate world for a decade, and having pursued my deepest passion through various activities and personal initiatives for more than a decade, coupling it with my innate skills and talents and unique attributes, and gained enough exposure, experience and expertise to leverage all my skills for my own entrepreneurial dream venture with complete authenticity and credibility.

I decided IT’S TIME for ME….. NOW …… to explore my PASSION officially as a PROFESSION …


And started my own Image consulting firm called “Image Makeover LightHouse.

My VISION Tagline:  Image Makeover LightHouse” …. Is …..


I look forward with honor to be a part of YOUR IMAGE MANAGEMENT and PERSONAL BRANDING journey to see your personal and professional lives accelerate to success and lead you to a spotlight where you truly deserve.

V. Sudeeptha

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