Personal Shopping Consulting

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It’s TIME for YOU
To experience the feeling of a STAR for few hours
Being with a “PERSONAL SHOPPER” Consultant
For your very own personal shopping


Value Additions to Clients:

  • Brief Client Need Analysis of lifestyle, wardrobe evaluation.
  • Evaluation is based on current and future occasions/events/needs.
  • Short review of Personal style and Personal colors attributes.
  • Image consultant will accompany you for a Shopping trip of 2 to 4 Hours at least.
  • Shopping in stores that match your style preferences and needs.
  • Shopping planned based on your tentative budget information provided in advance.
  • Get to fill in your wardrobe gaps and enable current wardrobe coordination with new outfits.
  • Learn tips to save – Money, Time and Energy through effective Shopping.
  • Benefit of our expertise in selecting coordinated items for you that suit you.
  • Suggested with coordinated clothing and accessories outfits.
  • Do dress trials and choose based on consulting advice.
  • Expert advice on why certain styles work for you and suitable or not.
  • Learn creative ways to pull outfits together.
  • Gain clarity on the colors that bring you to life and accentuate your looks.

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