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Teach your staff ….
  • “Never judge your customer by a DIME”.
  • “Never judge your customer by outer appearance”.

  • They never know …when that one customer who was worth a DIME …
  • Can COST them a MILLION Bucks project to the company…

 – Sudeeptha.V

It’s time for YOUR STAFF image Management & Branding.…. To do wonders to YOUR BUSINESS.

For this becomes the TURNING POINT for the customers to become LOYAL INVESTORS in future.

Retail / Hospitality Chain – Image Programs:

Package Modules: – 5

Module 1:  In-house Image Consulting service –

  • For Retail stores special promotional events/days for CLIENT IMAGE EVALUATION and advice.
  • Provide appropriate clothing purchase guidance to clients
  • To enhance higher customer loyalty and retention and lower product exchanges and returns.

Module 2: Customer Care Staff Training –

  • To guide clients for products purchasing as per Body shape & style.

Module 3: Customer Service Staff – Personal Image Branding – A B C Image enhancement.

Module 4: Effective Customer Service Image – Become JACKPOT for customers.

Module 5: EVENTS Based Customizable IMAGE BRANDING programs.


TRAINING & CONSULTING IMPACT on Customer Service Representatives and Retail Stores:

  • Staff – Customer Centric approach & enhanced IMAGE BRANDING.
  • Gain pleasure of LOYAL CUSTOMERS on regular basis.
  • Learn to project BEST Professional Image ALWAYS.
  • Guide customer’s purchases with appropriate products and knowledgeable responses
  • Handle different HNI’s (High Net worth Individuals) effectively.
  • Handle regular loyal customers with equal respect, dignity, etiquette, behavior mannerisms.
  • Learn effective sales skills of convincing and communication and negotiating skills.

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