Image Management & Personal Branding & Career counselling session : For Xth class students.

“I am very happy for the session conducted. Students were so immersed in your session for 3 hours constantly. They have never attended such a long duration session without any breaks, and never showed so much excitement and involvement in any session. That means they were really enjoying and learnt many things through your session. “

Mrs. Sakina Ali, Principal of Radiance School, Hyderabad

Ayesha Jabeen -Liked the way you presented the information.
Mohd Arshad -I liked the speech. This is very helpful and lively and I liked the ideas very much.
Abdul Rahman -I felt very much interested to listen to the session.
 K.Srinivas -I felt interested to hear the seminar. I feel that your business would reach top level.
Md. Zubairuddin -I have learnt many things in this session and was very interesting session.
K. Navya -I am feeling good as this session is very useful and thank you.
T. Sirisha -Liked the way you were talking to us.
Sony -Liked the way you presented the topic session.
A.Shiva Nandini -It is very useful for our future. It was a very good session.

Radiance School – Xth Students feedback

One-One consultation – Complete Image Management Clinics :

Thank you for the wonderful Image transformation experience and knowledge gaining time as well for me which is already impacting my life very much on a daily basis. You have covered all areas of self-analysis – Social, Personal, Professional, Emotional and Psychological. Positive and Negative Impact Areas. Solutions to develop my image and to avoid untoward issues in future. The sequence and flow of each of your clinics and their interdependency features and how all of them helped to come up with BEST solutions was very knowledgeable.

Personal characteristics Identification etc was very innovative. You have really provided a very easy to understand communication style of real time scenarios, relevant images, the messages they portray while explaining various concepts, they  have helped me to understand easily. The clinics sessions were beyond just reading a book.

Clinics sessions were new and solution oriented. It was not just theoretical but practical implementation. Practical implementation of all concepts on me directly for better clarity, remembrance and to easily try various options has been the best part. Clear self-analysis about my body and face shape features, the various areas that I need to camouflage and ways to camouflage has been very helpful too. To accept and love myself and be happy and develop my own personal style and ways to project my image in a better way daily. As part of Makeover Clinic – Makeup and Hair styling, Makeup session has helped me to gain confidence to apply makeup for various day and night events and also helped me to look more attractive and trendy alongside my natural girl look.

Ms. Madhavi, Education Department Executive

One-One consultation – Complete Image Management Clinics :

Thank you for the complete image management clinics sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I learnt a lot new things which I was not aware of and also enabled to try variety about my personality through various available resources. You made it very easily understandable and implementable. I am happy that I keep on evolving new aspects of my personality everyday as I implement the things learnt through the session. I had a great time with you.

Ms. Nivea, Deputy Manager in Exports department

One-One consultation – Complete Image Management Clinics :

You gave very helpful tips of image management in daily life to project right image. Easy explanation techniques with visuals, images and real time examples. Very good concept and subject knowledge and conveyed the same to me with confidence.

Very interactive clinics where you have tried to make me go through a thorough self-analysis evaluation through your friendly interaction and questions. Provision of options and variety, it has provided me to manage my image with consciousness. Clustering concept shown live with my clothes for better clarity and understanding. I really enjoyed the clinics sessions.

Mr. Pavithran Kumar, Deputy Finance Manager