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It’s a total master package that enables individuals to manage their image completely on the outer appearance

  • To project BEST FIRST impressions and also LONG LASTING impressions.

As VISUAL IMAGE of a person is the first outlook of any individual,

  • Ensuring that their visual image is authentic, attractive, and affordable is altogether an art.
  • Learning the art to project BEST image through Outer appearance and behavior.
  • Impacts personally, professionally in many areas of success, recognition and attention and spotlight.
  • Enables to reach their goals faster and successfully through their BRAND IMAGE management.

Image Management Clinics:


Image Scope– Your Image needs and Impact analysis on Personal and Professional life.

Lifestyle Evaluation – Your current & future lifestyle analysis, image standards practices.

Personal Style Analysis– Discover and define your individual unique personal style.

Body and Face Shape Analysis – Know and dress as per your body and face shape and color.

Fit and Fashion Analysis – Know secrets of seamless fit and fashion for your body clothing.

Make-Up-and Grooming– Grooming, makeup & hair styling as per face shape.

Color Analysis & Style Play– Know colors that accentuate your personality features & Style play.

Wardrobe Evaluation– Wardrobe audit and strategies usage based on needs and wants.

Closet Organization – Improve closet wardrobe visibility, accessibility & functionality.

Cluster Planning  – Create variety wardrobe clusters for multiple needs & occasions.

Communication and Soft Skills– Effective communication strategies and enhanced soft skills.

Body Language communication – Non-verbal communication and behavioral practices impact.

Etiquette – Workplace & Business Etiquette, Dining, Social, Cyber. General Etiquette.

Personal Shopping– Strategic scheduled Shopping with your very own personal shopper.



  • Each of these features can be CUSTOMIZED & PROVIDED as INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES or COMBINATIONAL features.
  • 2 Packages are mandatory for any customized packages – Image Scope & Lifestyle Evaluation.

Benefits to Clients:

Image Management clinics enables individuals to project

  • With  their OUTER appearance in synergy with their INNER values and personality traits
  • Dressing as per Body shapes and personal coloring accentuating their beauty in all aspects.
  • Helps to make use of their current wardrobe effectively and guides on smart future investments.
  • To dress and behave as per roles and goals, as per occasions and events and as per their values.

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