Virtual Mentoring & Solutions – On YOUR IMAGE concerns

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A very UNIQUE – SERVICE – Image mentoring and guidance PACKAGE for clients.

Through online SKYPE or voice chat, one-one consultation for few hours duration.


It is UNIQUE Service package – Because:

  • Flexibility of having one-one , online or virtual SKYPE session from your convenient location and time schedule.
  • You have the freedom to share YOUR IMAGE CONCERNS with a Professional IMAGE CONSULTING EXPERT.
  • Have the confidence that you would not be mocked at, or made fun of your image concerns.
  • Can feel free to express your concerns without fear of rejection, mockery or insult.
  • Get the required solutions to your image concerns.
  • Get the required guidance to know what other services you can avail from IMLH based on your image concerns.

Image Makeover LightHouse (IMLH)- Feedback process is- 3 R’s – (Realistic Recommendations & Result oriented Solutions)

  • Offers quick, timely and immediate recommendations and solutions and feedback for YOUR IMAGE Concerns.
  • Provides fast track realistic improvement strategies and solutions and other relevant feedback.
  • Based on the needs and requirements and challenges, IMLH can also recommend any of the IMAGE MANAGEMENT services or packages that we offer to clients which they can opt in future any time.

IMAGE CONCERNS or Issues can pertain to following aspects:

  • Personal Body image impact issues or repercussions.
  • Related to (body shape or features, face shape or features),
  • Related to (personal coloring (face, skin, hair colors and hair styling issues).
  • Constraints or challenges faced at social circles or professional places due to your image.
  • Issues like low self-confidence, self-esteem, and lack of self-acceptance of your body image.
  • Concerns related to your personal, professional or social challenges or constraining factors.
  • Lack of knowledge about ways and methods to project your BEST POTENTIAL image.
  • Need to learn ways to enhance your image and project BEST IMAGE.
  • Clients who want to begin developing their BRAND IMAGE.
  • Discuss current or future plans and goals and find solutions to project BEST and lasting IMAGE.

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