Wardrobe Revamp & Cluster Clothing

6 WardrobeRevamp

Build your wardrobe that you love & which reflects your Personal Style.
Learn to create various cluster outfits that works for all occasions and needs.
It’s Time NOW …. INVEST in Your wardrobe revamp & see the MAGIC it works on YOU


Wardrobe effectiveness:

  • It Is very important for your personal and professional dreams, goals and aspirations
  • It’s a reflection of Your personal style and aesthetic appeal and boosts your confidence
  • It communicates your values, beliefs, power element and uniqueness of your persona

Value Additions to Clients:

  • Begin to evaluate your current lifestyle goals and future goals, dreams and events.
  • Evaluate your Personal style preferences, priorities, lifestyle, likes and dislikes.
  • Audit of your current Wardrobe – Clothes and accessories.
  • Facilitate wardrobe for your personal body shape and style.
  • Ensure basic wardrobe essentials, necessary colors to accentuate your personal features.
  • Discard items or effective usage of clothes that are not in sync with your current goals & needs.
  • Identify key gaps in your wardrobe for future shopping needs clarity.
  • Learn to create a functional, essential and personal style wardrobe.
  • Make Cluster Clothes for Business Travel, Workplace, Business Meet, Dining & Social meets.
  • Get enhanced visual appearance wardrobe.
  • Wardrobe that meets your current and future personal, professional, social goals and dreams.
  • Tips to avoid impulsive shopping habits to keep your wardrobe functional
  • Tips to save money and time through well planned shopping and wardrobe maintenance.

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