Your-Need for Personal IMAGE CONSULTANT

11 NeedConsultant

In this current generation, we see common man/woman hiring the following people at various phases of their lives according to their goals, dreams, aspirations and needs.

Personal Fitness Trainer For fitness guidance
Personal Doctor – For health guidance
Personal Dietician – For diet guidance
Personal Legal advisor For financial or legal advice
Personal Interior designer – For home decoration
Personal Studies tutor  – For studies and higher career guidance
Personal Sports coach  – For sports training

While we cannot deny the impact of these trainers on our personal lives and success, their presence and guidance plays a major role in making us what we are and where we can be. They also seem easily available, accessible, affordable and very helpful.

BUT……… A lot of people fail to realize or acknowledge the fact, that …….

There is ONE MORE IMPORTANT area … where everyone needs another SPECIAL PERSONAL CONSULTANT …..

It’s for

“YOUR UNIQUE-BRAND IMAGE management and guidance”

GONE ARE THE DAYS where YOU felt that, this professional expert is only accessible to the ELITES or CELEBRITIES…


Personal Image Consulting expert (Or) Personal Fashion stylist Expert

Sudeeptha is a Certified Image Consulting expert and Fashion Stylist, and Founder of “IMAGE MAKEOVER LIGHTHOUSE”

  • You can HIRE her for the various IMPECCABLE VALUE ADDITIONS that she brings to your lives:
  • To help you manage YOUR IMAGE and have the assurance of the BEST IMAGE MANAGEMENT solutions of International and national Standards.                              

12 ImageManagmnt

Image Management is managing your INNER & OUTER persona elements.

  • To project YOUR BEST image that can IMPACT YOU.
  • To attain personal and professional value additions based on your BRAND IMAGE impressions.

It’s a consistent, ongoing working process of following aspects:

  • Self-evaluation of your image, analyzing the impact of your image on your life.
  • Enhance and manage your image – To control its impact on yourself and others response towards you.
  • To turn your personal attributes in favor of your goals and dreams of professional and social lives.
  • To dress and groom that accentuates your best features and personal style.
  • To dress as per your current and future professional roles, goals and dreams.
  • To communicate with clothing, body language and verbal language effectively.
  • To follow etiquette and mannerisms that enhances your image in social and professional areas.

13 ImageImpact

A famous saying goes as “A picture speaks thousand words.

Similarly, YOUR individual IMAGE also speaks more than thousand words about YOU.

Your IMAGE definitely IMPACTS – YOU.

  • In your – Personal, psychological, professional, social, educational, career growth etc.
  • Your choices and interests vary, based on how you view and manage your personal image.
  • It impacts your interest and ability to take up new challenges and opportunities in your lives.
  • It impacts the well-being of your identity – self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image.

Your IMAGE definitely IMPACTS – OTHERS RESPONSE towards YOU & their decisions towards YOU.

  • They judge you by the FIRST IMPRESSIONS about YOUR IMAGE.
  • It would be based on YOUR – Appearance, Behavior & Communication and mannerisms.
  • They decide to choose you or not for any professional or business opportunities.
  • They decide to trust you or not or buy your services or talents for professional goals.
  • It impacts their respect and opinion, behavior and attitude towards you.

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